Sourced by nature, not by labs

We want to make healthy habits easier 

By developing high quality, nutritious superfood products optimized for busy urban people like ourselves, we want to make the power of plants easily accessible for everyone, and simply make healthy habits easier.

Our story

Every great idea begins with a problem.

For us – the founders of Enat – it's always been a challenge maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for two reasons:  

1. Lack of time. A busy working schedule combined with an overall active urban lifestyle has made us fall short on ‘eating clean’ too many times. Let’s be honest – prepping smoothies and planning meals requires hours of the clock, precious hours we rather use for working out, spending time with family or chasing our dreams… 

2. Limited access to natural nutrients. As Scandinavians, we’re used to turning to supplementary products for nutrition, due to the limited access of fresh fruits and vegetables our cold climate offers. Unfortunately, many supplements out there contain nasty chemicals, such as artificial additives and sweeteners – things we rather skip. 

The solution?
During a trip to Ethiopia, we got introduced to an ancient superfood that was about to change our life; the Moringa plant. It's been used by ethiopian natives for centuries, as a key to maintaining good health and vitality. Inspired by the way they were harnessing the powers of nature in their everyday life, we started to brainstorm ideas on how we could take that wisdom into our busy lifestyle back home and make superfoods like moringa easily accessible to everyone....  

And Enat (which means mother in amharic) was born.

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